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14 Seater Minibus London | Cheap With Driver

For the best minibus hire service in London, we are a company dedicated to providing elite transportation throughout the area. By utilizing the highest levels of technology, and maintaining, fast, efficient service, we have one of the most advanced services in London. Amid a variety of minibuses, for relatively small groups, a 14-seater minibus captures perhaps the perfect balance of size and intimacy. In most cases, weddings, corporate groups, and sightseers can benefit from this size minibus.

Armed with GPS, dispatching, and a digital Thomas Guide, our operators have every opportunity to make your trip as enjoyable and effortless as possible. We are a company that ascends farther than our competition, as we do not merely perform the tasks needed, but we provide accommodations to remember. Most often, licensing will not allow carrying more than 12 passengers with a standard license—so our company has within it drivers that maintain all of the necessary licensing in order to operate larger vehicles.

The newer models of 14-seater minibuses with drivers are far more exotic and luxurious than your everyday taxi and coach however the price is still cheap and affordable; in addition, these newer types and models obtain remarkable mileage, which is great for the environment. We demand that all of our drivers maintain extensive knowledge of the city, and recently we have become the most popular choice for wedding parties, school outings, and family excursions. With little noise inside the cabin of the 14-seater, it is quite easier to hold conversations while traveling, and the minibus is actually an extremely comfortable place to relax; arguably, most individuals would opt to relax in one of our minibuses than in a luxury lounge located at an airport.

It is possible to seek services from us directly at the airport, but in order to setup the perfect itinerary ahead of time, we recommend arranging the details of your request online, and if you are not privy to online business, then we recommend that you reach us by telephone. By utilizing our minibus hire service in London, you have made sure that your trip will be a successful one: our drivers will arrive on time, and we have a substantial number of minibuses from our fleet ready for service. For 12-seater minibuses, we ask that you setup orders far ahead of time, as this will most certainly ensure availability, as well as allow us to see to it that the vehicle is not merely suitable, but perfect for your trip.

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