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10 Seater Minibus Hire London | Cheap with Driver

At rates affordable to just about everybody in London, it is simply no wonder that our minibus hire company is expanding exponentially. All of our minibuses are loaded with the best that entertainment technology has to offer, they operate under the safest regulations, and are driven by the best operators in London. Our 10-seater minibuses with drivers are ideal for gatherings that insist upon the comforts of having only one vehicle, or the perks of being able to avoid the costs of parking, and lastly the annoying hassles associated with excess gas spent on taking multiple vehicles to one destination. For years now, our company has been looking at ways in which we could make our customers' trips to their destinations an experience to remember. Traveling to business meetings should never have to be stressful, and especially for visitors that are not up-to-speed on London and its elaborate maze of streets, a minibus hire company can surely help in this capacity.

Here is a helpful list of just some of the features that we provide: airport accommodations, pick-ups, transfers, etc. In addition, we have bike trailers and luggage facilities, baby seats, child seats, one way hires, tow-bars on some vehicles, furniture coverings, trolleys, ties, and so much more. With perhaps the most extensive range of vehicles in London, and with well-represented vehicles and models, we can offer exceptional service on every occasion.

We ask that you give yourself considerable time when booking, as there may be certain occasions in which we are unable to assist you because we are presently booked. To begin booking, you can either call us, or you can put down all of the essential information into the online database, at which point, an informed associate will return your request in a timely manner. We promise to provide the most competitive rates on minibuses, as we want your journey to run smooth and seamlessly.

Here are just a few reasons to choose our minibus hire services in London with a driver: we provide the most competitive and cheap rates in the industry, we cover the entire area of London, not merely those areas most easily accessible, all of our vehicles have new, high-end facilities on board, we will provide instant online quotes, and we accept all types of major credit cards. Lastly, we gladly assist in arranging an account for many larger companies. We invite you to take a close look at our on-board facilities to see if we are the right fit for you.